Manual Finding Clarity: A Mom, A Dwarf and a Posh Private School in the Peoples Republic of Berkeley

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Welcome Laura Novak, author of Finding Clarity
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My son and overcoming his intense medical problems. Even through the terribly difficult times and years. He is healthy and so smart and funny and kind. How would you like to die? In my sleep with one or more cats next to me, knowing that my husband and son are safe and happy somewhere. I absolutely agree!

No word is ever wasted. Sooner or later, everything you cut somewhere will come again, in a better form, in one work or another! No wonder "Finding Clarity" was so much fun. I can picture Laura Novak pirouetting joyfully, sur les pointes, across the courtyards of Versailles, only to disappear into the labyrinth of hedges then re-emerge as a roaring 20s flapper, dancing the can-can into the distance.

Laura, you are another delightful author and its good to learn a bit more about you. Thanks for sharing with us today. The snow always looks like its dancing on the thermal lake bordering this tiny ski resort in the Sierra Mountains. Two chefs, madly in love but seeking divorce, must put aside their feud and work together in the first book of this cozy mystery series.

My latest books are a spin-off of the Alvarez books focusing on the romance between Lee Alvarez and Gurn Hanson. These two love birds are still solving mysteries, but these books are lighter in tone, with less emphasis on the bang of a gun and more emphasis on the chemistry between two firecrackers making spark after spark. In the second book, Marriage Can Be Murder, our newlyweds take on noir detective tropes when they have to find who's trying to kill a fading movie star. Welcome Laura Novak, author of Finding Clarity. Frances January 4, at pm. Until last Wednesday, the city did not have any formal guidelines for the Addison Street Windows Gallery, which was started by the late Brenda Prager more than 10 years ago.

I am just the organizer. I left it to the artists to do whatever they wanted. Brighton said Wednesday that Hazelwood had stated at a Civic Arts Commission meeting that he had deliberately misled her to make his point of censorship. Hazelwood said his actions had been more of an act of civil disobedience, and that the accusation had been taken out of context.

He told the commission that his action in submitting the work was comparable to what Rosa Parks did in a public bus in Montgomery, Ala.


To suppress political speech, which enjoys the highest constitutional protection, a government venue has to have a significant interest—in security, public safety or the like. Art of Democtacy organizers said that none of its more than 50 shows all over the country had faced any problem except in Berkeley. Risher, an attorney for ACLU. The proper role of firearms in our society is one that evokes strong feelings on all sides of the debate. We learnt a lot from the whole thing and we ended up better.

The new guidelines state that artwork would be selected on its aesthetic merits and that art would be chosen with appropriate regard for the nature of the space and the audience. Additionally, artists and community members will now be able to appeal to the commission if they have concerns about curatorial judgment at the gallery. She was just selecting artists based on their quality of work. Real curatorial function involves looking at the art work and making aesthetic decisions. Brighton said that she was happy with the new guidelines and the changes to her contract.

Despite the holiday trouble for emergency food and shelter programs, the Hesperian Foundation, the Berkeley-based non-profit publisher of community-oriented medical books, including the internationally known Where There Is No Doctor, can report an exciting new grant that will carry the organization to many more people in need of its aid.

Where There Is No Doctor is a general primary healthcare manual widely used in developing countries. The book has been translated into 80 languages, sold at least million copies and has seen use in over countries. However, the foundation is concerned about the economy, Susag said, and has started an month planning program to watch out for its funds. Susag expects to receive more donations at the end of the year, when people typically make charitable gifts. But imagine buying turkey and side dishes for people in a time when prices are up, incomes are down, and donations scarce.

Non-profits across the Bay Area are facing increases in need, even as they are suffering from a tumble in donation revenues, and the pinch is felt hardest at the holidays. Light sent an e-mail Wednesday afternoon saying that this year the Berkeley Food and Housing Project had so far managed to fill only 30 of the 60 requests for food boxes for clients who were permanently housed and in need of assistance to cook a Thanksgiving meal.

Those willing to help can contact Light at ext. With food banks also struggling, BFHP must make up the difference. The helpline now sees hundreds of first-time callers every week. Over the past few years, the number of donations has been going down. Monetary donations can be made to the Alameda County Food Bank online at www. The Berkeley Unified School District bade farewell to the longest-serving member on the current Berkeley Board of Education amidst a lot of happy memories, applause and laughter at a public meeting in the City Hall chambers last Wednesday.

Joaquin Rivera stepped down from his role as a school board director after 12 years, following his decision earlier this year not to run for re-election. Community leader and activist Beatriz Leyva-Cutler—who won one of the two school board seats in the Nov. Rivera, who teaches chemistry at Skyline College, was first elected to the board in November and went on to be reelected in and , serving a total of three terms on the board.

He has served as school board president on three occasions, the most recent being last year, and has also been a delegate to the California School Boards Association. School board members and Berkeley Unified Superintendent Bill Huyett thanked Rivera at the meeting for his work on improving student achievement in the Berkeley public schools and for leaving the district in better shape financially and fiscally than before. I will miss you. Rivera said that although he had debated running for a fourth term, Gov.

I know Bill is going to be great for Berkeley. I have had the opportunity to work with great school board members such as Pamela Doolan, Lloyd Lee and Miriam Rokeach and members of this board.

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McLaughlin was present at the meeting Wednesday when the board presented Rivera with a resolution honoring his achievements. Rivera said that during his time on the school board, he had been successful in his efforts to create a single plan for student achievement and desegregating the district. Since I am leaving now, I can tell the unions that this is a very good board. We have to play with the cards given to us by Sacramento. Rivera also thanked his family for standing behind him like a rock during his stint in the district, especially his husband, and his former partner, who had been with him for most of his 12 years on the board.

At the last school board meeting on Nov. This is really a civil rights struggle. It is like having to sit at the back of the bus or having to drink water from a different fountain because of who you are. I know the board has always been very supportive and hopefully it will be supportive of these struggles. We have an excellent faculty of any high school of our size, but, we still have an achievement gap.

Our black and Latino students are not achieving as well as our white students. Most of the people in this room—your children are succeeding, but I need you to think about all children. Slemp said that the high school had been debating the prospect of introducing some kind of reform on campus through block schedules and advisories, which received momentum through the Smaller Learning Communities Grant from the U.

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Department of Education, something that supports the expansion of small school programs, advisories and alternate schedules. Under the grant, the high school would also train its teachers to use the advisory program to help students develop individual learning plans. Price said she would like to see the new plan include more parental involvement, including those from African American and other minority communities who often feel unwelcome on campus. Classes would last 90 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 80 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday in order to include a minute advisory period, something some school board presidents and parents said would deprive students of valuable instructional time.

Berkeley High PTSA President Mark Van Krieken said that the proposed schedule would mean students get 25 percent less instructional minutes per week than in their current set-up of six periods during a regular school day and a 22 percent loss in overall instructional time when two minute advisories were added. School Board President John Selawsky said that he was concerned about the loss of instructional time. The Berkeley teachers union is discussing a contract renewal with district officials. It may be that the current proposal is too much too fast.

The next community forum is scheduled for Tuesday at St. Joseph's the Worker Church, 7 to 8 p. The School Governance Council is scheduled to review input from the various groups and vote on the proposal on Dec. The school plans to implement the program in the school year. Attorney Stephan Volker, representing the plaintiffs, contends that the EPA violated two federal statues when it approved exemptions from registering the ingredients of two moth sprays released in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

The U. The Albany City Council voted unanimously in January for a resolution urging abandonment of the spraying program, while a court order blocked resumption of the program in Santa Cruz County preparation and certification of an environment impact report. Organophosphates—the same chemicals used in many nerve gases developed for military use—were fingered as the cause of Gulf War Syndrome, an ailment which has afflicted many veterans of the Iraq Wars in a report released last week.

The report, prepared by a committee of scientists appointed by the U. Ritterman ran as a member of a three-candidate progressive slate, along with incumbent Tom Butt, who came in second, and Jovanka Beckles, who was narrowly edged out for third place by incumbent Nat Bates. Ritterman and his allies had also taken on the biggest power in the city by the active support of Measure T, another winner on Nov. The doctor and Mayor Gayle McLaughlin have been allies ever since Ritterman became active in city politics five years ago.

Ritterman and his companion Vivien Freyer are also sponsors of an Iraqi paraplegic they met during a trip to Amman, Jordan, in With their support, he runs a website www. The POA later repudiated its own mailer, and one of the candidates it backed, Chris Tallerico, withdrew from the campaign because of his inclusion in the political hit piece. The solution adopted by the old City Council—creation of a major tribal casino and resort complex at Point Molate—also worries the new councilmember.

His sister was half of the couple that brought the case in Connecticut that ended with the state supreme court decision legalizing gay marriage in the Nutmeg State. Romer will join Timothy F. The Council of Economic Advisers is comprised of three members who recommend policy options to the president. Romer is the Class of Garff B. Wilson Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley, where she teaches economic history and macroeconomics, and has served as vice president and a member of the executive committee of the American Economic Association.

Her research interests listed on the UC Berkeley website include the effects of fiscal policy, identification of monetary shocks, the determinants of American macroeconomic policy changes in short-run fluctuations over the 20th century and causes of the Great Depression. Sloan Research Fellowship. I can think of no one more qualified than Christy Romer. UC Berkeley professors who have chaired the CEA in previous years include Laura Tyson, who headed the council during the Clinton administration from to , and Janet Yellen, who served as chair from to and is now president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank.

The company also owns an off-track betting system, and holds major interests in a television distribution system and a horse racing network as well as AmTote International, which provides number-crunching services for tracks. The entertainment spinoff, created at the demand of shareholders of the parent company because of its consistent losses, has fallen on hard times that reflect trends in the horse-racing industry, which is slowly transforming from the Sport of Kings to plaything of paupers. Magna complied, and in early July announced a reverse stock split, with each new share formed from 20 shares of the old issue.

By that time, prices of the older shares had dropped to as low as 41 cents.

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The company did receive one bit of good news this month when Maryland voters approved a ballot measure that would allow installation of 15, slot machines at five still-undetermined locations in that state. After a brief surge in stock prices before the election, shares resumed their steady descent. The property remains on the market. Average daily revenues at the track actually declined slightly.

Horse racing has fallen on hard times, and attendance at tracks has dwindled—another concern for Albany, which collects revenues from bets placed at the track itself but not from the far larger number of wagers off-track. He found the EIR deficient on 11 specific grounds, including traffic mitigation and air quality, and ordered the Arcadia City Council to set aside its earlier approval of the document and recirculate a revised document that addresses the deficiencies he cited. Meanwhile, AC Transit officials have released a proposed timeline that has completion of the environmental impact report process by the third quarter of , final design for BRT by the first quarter of , beginning of construction by the second quarter of , with completion of the project tentatively scheduled for the spring of But the project still has to complete a complicated approval process involving winning federal funding grants, approval by city councils in Berkeley, San Leandro, and Oakland and final project approval by the AC Transit board.

Two weeks ago, Berkeley voters defeated on a In practical terms, while passage of Measure KK would have effectively dealt a death blow to the bus-lane set-aside portion of BRT, defeat of the measure only ensures that AC Transit can go forward with negotiations with the City of Berkeley over the proposal. While some Measure KK opponents said during the campaign that the measure was a referendum on BRT, many others said their opposition was based on their belief that the measure would set bad governing policy.

But during presentations at a special AC Transit Board BRT workshop on Wednesday, proponents and opponents abruptly switched fields, with Measure KK proponents now telling AC Transit officials that the Measure KK defeat was no indication of BRT sentiment in Berkeley because the defeat was caused solely by deceptive advertising fueled by campaign money brought in by outside interests. Falsehoods, falsehoods that the local branch of the Sierra Club was willing to propagate. So money and lies defeated Measure KK. All of the [pro KK] money came from individuals and community associations in Berkeley.

Meanwhile, some Measure KK opponents are now saying that AC Transit should move forward with the planning and approval process for BRT in Berkeley because of the overwhelming support for the project demonstrated in the Measure KK vote. So the campaign literature and the many meetings I attended, the pitch was to vote for KK was to vote against the BRT project. On Nov. They came to remember and celebrate the life of activist, politician, financial manager and family man, Peter Miguel Camejo, a man whom then-Gov.

Upon learning that his lymphoma had returned, Camejo asked Claudette Begin to create and host his memorial. Claudette Begin opened the event, and served as host throughout. Mementos from political campaigns and copies of his books lined the back wall of the large Spanish-style hall. His mind was restless, forever making plans for the future. Peter Camejo was perhaps best known for his runs for president on the Socialist Workers Party, Green Party and independent tickets, and for Governor of California on the Green Party ticket.

He was a friend of Malcolm X, and he marched in Selma with the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Camejo wrote books on political activism, American history and socially responsible investing. The family also remembered the devoted husband, father and grandfather.

Only one student left at SW China school

Colleagues remembered the financial planner who was obsessed with the stock market game, but left lucrative positions at Merrill Lynch, and then Prudential to create his own firm, Progressive Asset Management, because neither institution would promote socially-responsible investing. Everyone remembered the quick wit of a born comedian scholar. Among the speakers were such progressive political luminaries as Ralph Nader and his presidential running mate, former San Francisco Supervisor Matt Gonzalez, Cindy Sheehan, who ran against Rep.

Peter was always learning. In his final months, Camejo focused on writing his autobiography. He had barely enough time to finish it. All who attended the memorial came away with the same knowledge of great loss that brought them together. Rae Imamura passed away on Saturday, Nov. Daughter of Rev.

Rae graduated from UC Berkeley, and went on to receive her M. Touring the East Coast, Europe and Asia numerous times. Her favorite projects over the last years involved her collaboration with pianist Aki Takahashi—including in late new works by Andrew Imbrie and Hi-Kyung Kim. A CD of their performance has just been released.

She would often tell people that she found her most rewarding moments working with the young students at the center. She was the accompanist for the choir at St. A memorial for Rae will be held Saturday at 4 p. Berkeley firefighters rushed to the Gaia Building last Nov. Since firefighters always worry about fires in high rises, they quickly responded to the unit in question, discovering on their arrival that the highly pungent smoke in question was coming from the broiler. Opening the broiler they discovered the source—a quantity of a certain popular medicinal herb recently blessed by Berkeley voters.

Violations can be reported at His second warning concerned Thanksgiving chefs, especially those which cook their birds in deep fat fryers. Fires that burst out on stop tops should be immediately covered to smother the flames, and with oven fires the first step is shutting off the heat—something to do with stove top and fryer blazes as well. Send your submissions, no longer than 1, words, to holiday berkeleydailyplanet. Deadline is 5 p. D from M. UC Berkeley professors who have chaired the CEA in previous years include Laura Tyson who headed the council during the Clinton administration from to and Janet Yellen, who served as chair from to , and is now president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank.

The entertainment spinoff, created at the demand of shareholders of the parent company because of its consistent losses, has fallen on hard times that reflect trends in the horse racing industry, which is slowly transforming from the Sport of Kings to plaything of paupers. More bad new came this month, starting with Magna's Nov. School board members and Berkeley Unified Superintendent Bill Huyett thanked Rivera at the meeting for his work on improving student achievement in the Berkeley public schools and for leaving the district in a better shape financially and fiscally than before.

Rivera also thanked his family for standing behind him like a rock during his stint in the district, especially his husband, who has been with Rivera for most of the 12 years he was on the board. The overwhelming defeat of Berkeley Measure KK in the November 4 election has resulted in a dramatic--and completely understandable--reversal of opinion about the meaning of the measure by at least some of its proponents and opponents. AC Transit District is proposing to establish bus-only lanes along Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley as part of the district's ambitious proposal to set up a Bus Rapid Transit line from downtown San Leandro through downtown Oakland to downtown Berkeley, along the route currently taken by the district's 1 and 1R lines.

Meanwhile, AC Transit officials have released a proposed timeline that has completion of the Environmental Impact Report process by the 3rd quarter of , final design for BRT by the 1st quarter of , beginning of construction by the 2nd quarter of , with completion of the project tentatively scheduled for the spring of But the project still has to complete a complicated approval process involving winning federal funding grants, approval by city councils in Berkeley, San Leandro, and Oakland as and final project approval by the AC Transit board.

On Wednesday night, AC Transit Board President Chris Peeples said several times that the board should not be considered a "rubber stamp" for the BRT project, which was begun in the planning process by AC Transit before any current member was elected to the board. AC Transit officials say that while BRT is an AC Transit proposal, "the cities own the streets," and must give approval for any substantial alteration of street right-of-ways.

During the campaign, many Measure KK proponents said that the measure was specifically designed to halt AC Transit District's proposal to establish bus-only lanes along Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, part of the district's ambitious proposal to set up a Bus Rapid Transit line between downtown San Leandro, downtown Oakland, and downtown Berkeley. That's a lot of money in a city our size, money that could be better spent on things like education, healthcare, public safety, or actually improving transit and protecting our environment.

Jones then held up a blown-up version of one of the more famous campaign mailers of the November, season, a "No On KK" brochure that featured a poignant full-color photo of a polar bear stranded on a small ice-floe in the middle of an ocean, an attempt to link Measure KK with anti-public-transit sentiments leading to global warming. Noting that one large "No On KK" donation came from New York and another from Cambridge, Massachusetts, she added "it's not nice to have these interlopers coming into my city and dropping this big money to influence elections.

Garcia added that "opposition to BRT in Berkeley will continue to grow because the more they learn about it, the less they like it. Oram estimated that "7 percent of the [anti-KK money] came from individuals, the rest came from special interest groups and companies that would benefit from BRT if it was ever put in. Oram's husband, George Oram, added that the BRT proposal does not provide along Telegraph Avenue "any service that has been asked for or endorsed by the bus riders on Telegraph Avenue or the residents on Telegraph Avenue or the merchants on Telegraph Avenue, and we believe we're going to stop you.

We've learned that 77 percent of Berkeley residents disagreed with that proposition and said at this point we have no problem with BRT so far. As cell phone usage has exploded in the past several years, increasing the number of applications for new cell phone antenna facilities throughout Berkeley, the city has witnessed a number of protests and appeals by citizens opposed to adding new antennas in their neighborhoods. The ability of ZAB and the council to deny such applications has been limited by the federal Telecommunications Act of , but city powers have been changed by a recent United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeal ruling.

Berkeley is in the process of making alterations to its Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Ordinance to conform to the new circuit court ruling. C07 SBA. Cowan told councilmembers that the Verizon agreement had already been released to the Berkeley Planning Commission reported in the Planet on November He added following the council debate that he now believed public disclosure in this matter was proper, and would make the agreement available to the public. The two appeals sparked a heated debate between Councilmembers Max Anderson--who is opposed to the approval of new mobile antennas--and Gordon Wozniak, who is in support.

If you want to get rid of cellphones, you should convince people to burn them. If the council does not act on the T-Mobil University Avenue appeal by the first meeting in January, the ZAB approval of the application will automatically go into effect. Only Linda [Maio] was here [on the council] when I got here. That shows you women are the strongest. Her term will start on December 1. Two years ago, Olds made national headlines when she was one of three older women also including Save the Bay founder Sylvia McLaughlin and former Berkeley Mayor Shirley Dean to climb into the branches of an 80 foot tree to join protesters trying to save a grove of live oaks near the UC Berkeley stadium.

Olds offered no new Bettyisms on Tuesday, but instead read from an old Herb Caen column she found while cleaning out her desk. Councilmembers and several audience members paid brief tribute to Olds, but perhaps the most appropriate words were given by fellow Councilmember Laurie Capitelli. Arreguin told the Planet that Alameda County Registrar of Voters Dave McDonald promised him that his election would be certified next Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest, which would pave the way for the swearing-in ceremony, to take place in the Redwood Room on the 6th floor of the Berkeley City Hall at 5 p.

UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof said Wednesday the work at the stadium will require finding a temporary home for the Cal Bears, with the only question being whether the move will be for one season or two. While construction of the new high-tech gym and office complex now under way immediately west of the stadium will provide new quarters for facilities now housed inside the stadium, work on the stadium itself means at least one season in an alternate venue. On a second legal front, three of the activists who occupied the now-vanished grove outside the Berkeley stadium appeared before Alameda County Superior Court Judge Marshall Whitley.

Six others avoided trial by entering guilty pleas to contempt-of-court charges after reaching a deal with the university and prosecutors. In exchange for the pleas, the university agreed not to seek legal costs or jail time from the six, while the defendants agreed to perform 50 hours each of community service, said attorney William Simpich.

Among the six who had their fees waived were two of the last three tree sitters to surrender to campus police when the university completed its demolition of the grove Sept. Three defendants decided to argue their cases, but Judge Whitley found them all guilty during trials Monday. Zachary RunningWolf, the first treesitter to ascend the branches outside the grove on Big Game Day , and Kingman Lim, who was arrested after hanging a protest banner from the stadium walls, were given five day jail sentences along with Michael Schuck better known by his treesitter names Fresh and Shem , but the judge allowed them to be considered as served concurrently with jail terms previously imposed.

The last treesitter to descend, Raul Colocho, 27, otherwise known as Huck or Huckleberry, and fellow treesitter Drew Beres still have pending legal issues, which may be resolved in a court hearing in March. Simpich said it was unlikely any of the three would do additional jail time, considering that all three have spent previous time behind bars for their actions at the grove.

Most of the treesitters had been arrested multiple times, and RunningWolf still faces another criminal case in the near future, the attorney added said. Michael R. Five more cases are pending where the university is seeking fees, he said. A lawsuit initially filed by the City of Berkeley, stadium neighbors and environmentalists had challenged sought to stop construction at the stadium, including the Student Athlete High Performance Center now being built where the grove once stood.

The four-level high tech gym and office complex is the first of three planned construction phases at the stadium itself, and those projects are in turn part of a large set of construction plans collectively known as SCIP, the Southeast Campus Integrated Projects. Once the home of both the San Francisco Giants baseball teams and the 49ers football teams, the Giants have since moved on, leaving Saturdays potentially open for college games while the NFL pro team plays on Sundays.

A city official quoted by the Chronicle acknowledged that negotiations have been held with the school. Meanwhile, the lawsuit challenging the SCIP plans is still on appeal, though the city has dropped out. A retrofit is needed, university officials say, both to bring the aging stadium up to modern earthquake codes and to provide locker rooms for women athletes. In another stadium-related move, university officials finally agreed to give a group of Native Americans the stump of Grandmother Oak, the largest and most venerable of the trees chainsawed at the site of the former grove.

The hand-over was made Monday, said Matthew Taylor, an activist who was himself arrested at the grove and who has been documenting the history of the protest. There have been estimates by some district officials that the problem could affect as many as 5, financial aid checks that are due to students but not yet paid for the fall semester. And some students have not been paid on applications they put in as early as last spring. District officials say the problem began when Peralta moved from its old Legacy financial aid computer software this fall to the Regent system.

The system is designed not just to issue checks, but to cross-check student applications to verify the identity of the student and to ensure that the student is actually enrolled in class and is financially eligible for aid. With the Regent software unable to handle the applications, Peralta staff has been reduced to manually doing the cross-checking and verification and handwriting the checks, a time-consuming process which has allowed some 3, checks to be written this semester, but which has not been fast enough to completely reduce the backlog.

We had problems, but never of this magnitude. At the Phoenix Project for UC Democracy kickoff Tuesday night, panelists discussed the possibilities for democratizing of the UC Regents and creating a powerful enough constituency to effect changes. The Phoenix Project was created as a statewide coalition of student activist organizations and community members working together to create transparency, accountability and democracy within the university administration.

Eighteen of the 26 regents are now appointed by the governor for year terms. The regents appoint one student representative who serves a one-year term. The remaining seats are filled by ex officio members, including the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the Assembly, superintendent of public instruction, president and vice president of the Alumni Associations of UC, and the UC president.

According to Oatfield, the university works harder to frame an issue than to deal with an issue itself. Schwartz pointed out that the movement needs not only to propose a democratic model, but also to organize a constituency of voters. The current system was justified by the source of the money, Schwartz said. When the university was created, the state provided most of the money and therefore appointed the people to manage that money.

But now, according to Schwartz, citing his independent research, the ever-increasing student fees now cover percent of actual undergraduate education costs. In reality, Schwartz says, no state money now goes to undergraduate education: The students pay for that themselves. Schwartz proposes that the regents be appointed or elected in proportion to the sources of the money.

He calculates that eight regents should be elected by the students and parents who pay the fees. According to Chapela, faculty was notified of the deal 30 minutes before it was announced and had no say in the decision. Although Chapela and other faculty challenged the deal and drew national attention to it, no changes were made to the original agreement. Chapela argued that the university has absolutely no transparency, is completely shielded from public scrutiny and answerable to no one.

To overcome that, the project must gain significant public support and force the university to listen. The Phoenix Project will hold a statewide summit in Berkeley Jan. The CGB is scheduled to vote Tuesday on funding for a second new building planned for the lab, covering interest costs during construction of the already approved Computational Research and Theory CRT building. Yarris said conceptual drawings will be presented to the public at a scoping session to gather comments for a new environmental impact report EIR , with the meeting to be held sometime next month.

Yarris said cost increases would be offset by long-term benefits arising from a more cost-effective design. The CGB is scheduled to vote for a second time on approving external funds for the CRT building, which will be built at the opposite, northwestern end of the lab complex from the Helios Building. One unresolved issue is whether or not the DOE will house a supercomputer facility inside the new structure, calling into question a major potential funding source.

Both actions contend that the regents acted improperly when they certified environmental impact reports on the projects and approved funding for buildings critics contend are located in an environmentally sensitive landscape that contains threatened species and faces the risk of serious damage from earthquakes along the Hayward Fault. The UC Berkeley Police Department is investigating a fight that erupted Thursday evening between a group of current and former UC Berkeley students after a Palestinian flag was hung over a balcony overlooking a pro-Israel concert on campus.

He said that a number of witnesses identified at least five students involved in a fight, which he said broke out, according to eyewitness testimony, when some Palestinian students hung a Palestinian flag over the railing of the balcony to protest what they alleged were anti-Palestinian lyrics performed during a concert for Israeli Liberation Week.

Keyframes: Popular Cinema and Cultural Studies

According to Tejada, some of the people attending the concert went up to get the flag off the balcony, which led to pushing and shoving. The exact details of what happened at that point are still under investigation, he said. Two students and one former student were cited for battery, authorities said, and several witness statements were taken. UCPD has not released the names of the students involved in the incident pending investigation.

He said that the alleged statements made during the incident were still under investigation and could not be released. Tejada said that there was little possibility that the incident was connected to acts of vandalism that occurred on campus last month, when pro-Israel posters at a UC Berkeley bus stop outside Eshelman Hall were defaced with anti-Israel graffiti. Although UC police have not stepped up security measures on campus after the incident, he said, university officials and student groups were doing extensive outreach to unite students across campus.

It charged that around 6 p. In their press release, the Students for Justice in Palestine dismissed all the allegations put forward by the Zionist Freedom Alliance. It claimed that in the process, one of the protesters was knocked against the balcony railing, which was followed by a scuffle leading to one male and one female Arab student being hit several times, within minutes of which the perpetrators began to rush away.

UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof said Monday that university officials had written an open letter to the campus community outlining how the campus was responding to the incident and laying out possible resources for students in the event something similar happened in the future. An Equity and Inclusion division, headed by Basri, will be part of a long-term strategy for improving campus climate, authorities said.

A new court ruling granting further independence to the California Hotel has given its residents hope for a bright future. On Oct. The restraining order prevents building owner Oakland Community Housing Inc. In an even greater victory for tenants, Judge Keller granted many new powers to court-appointed trustee Anne Omura, executive director of the Eviction Defense Center in Oakland. Omura now has the power to hire a management company that will provide security, repairs and a business plan for the hotel. Additionally, Omura will be able to rent out all rooms in the hotel once they are up to code, creating the potential for the hotel to generate enough money to stand on its own.

As a first step toward improving the hotel, Omura has used the money left over from paying the utility bills to hire the Jay-Phares Corporation JPC , an Oakland-based property management and consulting firm, to run and rehabilitate the hotel. Since July, the residents of the hotel have been working security shifts, cleaning the hotel and self-organizing to keep their home intact.

The management company will relieve the tenants of those responsibilities. For now, however, the hotel can only afford nighttime security, which is an improvement, but not the optimal situation. JPC has also brought in contractors, plumbers and a property manager to ensure that the building is safe for the existing residents. Jay said the company will work to make the occupied rooms pest-free and in good repair before improving the rest of the hotel. In the future, the release of the unrented apartments, many empty and unprofitable since , could allow the hotel to generate enough money from rent to support itself independently.

But the unoccupied rooms must meet safety codes before they can be leased out, and the occupied rooms must receive the first attention. Funds remain a prime concern for the maintenance of the hotel and could prohibit the recovery of the empty rooms. Estimates have been made for the repair of broken windows, plumbing, elevators and sprinklers. Additionally, JPC hopes to lease retail space on the ground floor of the hotel to independent, women- or minority-owned, and non-profit businesses to generate further income.

The company is willing to support low-capital ventures run by dedicated people who are willing to work hard, Jay said. For John Murcko, the primary goal for the hotel is to keep it operating for the 12 years that remain of the 30 agreed upon when grants were given to make the hotel into low-income housing. Now the state Supreme Court will decide what to do about Prop. Now people are angry, and this weekend we saw mass protests across the country. As Barbara Ehrenreich once argued, Roe v.

It was after a mass movement worked hard for many years to make that politically possible. While we like to believe the best legal arguments always win in court, judges are—at the end of the day—politically connected lawyers who wear robes. And citizen action—if done effectively—can go a long way to give them the political courage to do the right thing. Public outrage at Prop.

Efforts are afoot to collect signatures for a statewide proposition—in , or sooner if we have a special election. The campaign had just collected thousands of postcards at Pride, and our task was to call these people and recruit them to volunteer. Autorul atinge si alte teme de mare finete: D Cartea e impartita in cateva parti in care isi desfasoara teza — cam ce am zis mai sus dar mai detaliat — apoi sunt cateva parti in care incearca sa faca pretictii pentru viitorul apropiat pana la vremuri mai indepartate precum Cartea a fost scrisa in si astfel poti vedea o gramada de predictii pe care le-a facut pentru si au dat chix: Daca merita citita atunci merita mai mult pentru primele parti si mai putin pentru predictii.

Ridica la fileu tot felul de concepte interesante din lumea calculatoarelor, biologie, istoria stiintei — a calculatoarelor in mod special — si in mare, trece in revista multe lucruri interesante. E un exercitiu interdisciplinar fain: Aug 29, Adam Bignell rated it really liked it. The Age of Spiritual Machines, while seeming perhaps too optimistic when read with eyes, is nonetheless an exciting adventure to the limits of imagination. It lays out in keeping in mind the pop-science genre relatively technical detail the means with which our technology will develop, and the impacts these developments will have on our environment, businesses, art, and relationships.

It is akin to stepping inside a museum of the future; the technocracies of Hollywood pale in comparison t The Age of Spiritual Machines, while seeming perhaps too optimistic when read with eyes, is nonetheless an exciting adventure to the limits of imagination. It is akin to stepping inside a museum of the future; the technocracies of Hollywood pale in comparison to the sprawling technical Utopia that Kurzweil has curated.

It is very rewarding when he nails a prediction such as foreseeing smartphones, learning as a job unto itself, information as primary resource and forgivable when he does not he anticipated a far greater popularity for wearable such as the Fitbit, guessing that by these would be ubiquitous and built into virtually all accessories. If read to learn technically, a reader might find it too surface level neural nets and the like are introduced, and the high level means to construct them is described , but this is not the real forte of the book.

Instead, this book should be read as a sort of imagination catalyst, particularly for those of us who still think of computers as essentially static in their form and function. Of particular delight were Kurzweil's personal endeavors in the field and although I initially thought his self-titled software was a little 'self-promotionish', further research indicates that he really undersells his achievements if anything.

He speaks from the perspective of an excited child but with the skills of a practiced technician. It is the vivacity of the language and excitement for the future that really cemented the book as a fun, amusement park of a read. Jan 05, Robert Boyd rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'd heard about this book for years and was familiar enough with the theory of singularity, but I just kept wishing I had read this sooner.

It made me realize that I should make a point of reading more books written by geniuses. This book is prophetic. By now, many of Kurzweil's predictions have been realized the fact that his predictions on wearable personal computers, electronic books, and text-to-speech technology were read to me by my Kindle device, which I had stowed in my coat pocket Wow.

By now, many of Kurzweil's predictions have been realized the fact that his predictions on wearable personal computers, electronic books, and text-to-speech technology were read to me by my Kindle device, which I had stowed in my coat pocket made a particular impression on me. This book is startling and riveting. In other areas his prediction timeline has obviously already failed, but usually in a way that you can make concessions for "well, this may have happened if it weren't for x or "well, we're almost there but not quite yet".

Retinal projection for virtual reality visualization and haptic systems come to mind. Regardless of some misses, many of the trends outlined can't be ignored and this book should probably hold a place on the reading lists of leading business schools for students to learn to recognize emerging industries. This book certainly left me with plenty to think about, and feelings of both amazement at the explosive rate of progress in human innovation and despair about the changing but ever-present human condition.

Jan 20, Nate Huston rated it really liked it. Definitely one that I will return to, most likely a few times. One reason for that will be that Kurzweil has a habit of quickly accelerating into the realm of mind-bending, especially in his theoretical discussions. While those were mentally taxing to fully wrap my brain around, even the most complex ones were short and succinct. The most striking takeaway is Kurzweil's conception of technology as a continuation of "evolution by other means.

No matter one's stance on his argument overall, his questions regarding the nature of intelligence and sentience vis-a-vis computers is extraordinarily thought-provoking and will doubtless one day play a more central role in public discourse than it does now. His reference to Turing's observation that "machine intelligence would become so pervasive, so comfortable, and so well integrated into our information-based economy that people would fail even to notice it" is, if reflected upon for just a moment, remarkably prescient.

A range of neural implants is becoming available to enhance visual and auditory perception and interpretation, memory, and reasoning. Computers have read all available human- and machine-generated literature and multimedia material. There is growing discussion about the legal rights of computers and what constitutes being human. Machines claim to be conscious and these claims are largely accepted.

There is no longer any clear distinction between humans and computers. Most conscious entities do not have a permanent physical presence. Machine-based intelligences derived from extended models of human intelligence claim to be human. Most of these intelligences are not tied to a specific computational processing unit. The number of software-based humans vastly exceeds those still using native neuron-cell-based computation.

Even among those human intelligences still using carbon-based neurons, there is ubiqutous use of neural-implant technology that provides enormous augmentation of human perceptual and cognitive abilities. Humans who do not utilize such implants are unable to meaningfully participate in dialogues with those who do. Life expectancy is no longer a viable term in relation to intelligent beings. The Rest of the Universe Revisited Intelligent beings consider the fate of the universe. About The Age of Spiritual Machines Ray Kurzweil is the inventor of the most innovative and compelling technology of our era, an international authority on artificial intelligence, and one of our greatest living visionaries.

Also by Ray Kurzweil. About Ray Kurzweil Ray Kurzweil is a prize-winning author and scientist.

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Inspired by Your Browsing History. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Finally Kurzweil says there is the prospect of virtual bodies, where direct neural implants would give us the sensation of having bodies and a way to exert control, without any physical manifestation at all. Kurzweil broaches the topic of sex in futuristic times, reminding us that every new technology "adopts sexual themes".